Apsara Projects LLC is a boutique social impact consultancy that delivers vision, strategy, and impact. We use a unique three-prong approach combining communications strategy, change management, and building an Equity Mindset to guide our clients in achieving their social impact goals.

We work with advocacy groups, philanthropic ventures, founders/entrepreneurs, and startups. Our clients are excited to take risks, create change they can stand behind, and lean into strong organizational culture. We help them make the change in the world they’re seeking to make. 

The Story Behind the name

As an Indian-American woman from an immigrant family, I grew up loving Hindu mythology and legends. And I am constantly drawn to the ocean. So I’ve always been fascinated by the celestial and water nymphs of Hindu tradition, known as Apsaras. Apsaras are critical players in so many of our cultural stories. And yet they are held at the edges, never given their proper focus or credit at the center. Apsara Projects is a space where we always elevate the voices of women, and where Apsara projects her own voice. Join us!


Social Impact Guidance + Strategic Direction

Build Partnerships + Campaigns Across Sectors

Impact Evaluation

Brand Strategy + Framing for Social Justice Values

Who We Have Worked With

It was a pleasure to work with Juhu when she was contracted by my organization to carry out a field scan on the state of anti-trafficking and its growth potential in the US. The assessment produced by Juhu – within a tight turnaround time – highlighted strategic opportunities and became an important tool for engaging funders. After its completion, Juhu was entrusted with leading a donor briefing and grantee convening. Through this work, Juhu’s vision and leadership lay the foundation for a donor collaborative fund.” 
Julie Callahan, NEO Philanthropy
“Juhu worked with Atlantic Philanthropies and our seven global Atlantic Fellows programs to help them identify a shared framework and language around narrative strategy. She also engaged with the programs to help integrate narrative approaches into their work with Fellows. She was a thoughtful and responsive partner throughout the project and delivered high-quality materials (on time) that will be valuable to us and our partner organizations.” 
Benjamin King, The Atlantic Philanthropies
“When I was the director of a social justice organization, I hired Juhu to help the organization transition culturally and pragmatically during a time of high conflict and major staff division. Juhu came in with the tools necessary to assess and guide the transition. She was a major support to management who needed a consultant who could jump right in because the managers’ work never slowed down. She provided assessment, a roadmap, and on-the-ground leadership that was extremely valuable. She was a pleasure to work with and I would hire her again the next time I need extra help in organizational change or conflict, new program development, or anything similar I may need assistance with.” 
Crystal DeBoise, Urban Justice Center
“Juhu’s advice, support, and counsel has consistently been crucial in our work. She is truly an expert when it comes to navigating difficult legal and policy questions, and is always generous with her time and support. Her dedication to women’s health, the rights of sex workers and survivors of trafficking, immigrant communities, and social justice is unwavering. Juhu wields her intelligence and experience in these fields to augment larger policy initiatives and messaging. There is nothing that she cannot undertake with grace and success. I will continue to turn to her for this guidance and support as we make impact in our advocacy and cultural work. ” 
Melissa Broudo, SOAR Institute
“I had the privilege of working with Juhu as she led Justice in Motion to establish strategic communications priorities around thought leadership and a narrative strategy program at a key moment in our organization’s development. As we delved deeper into a multi-year plan, Juhu helped us understand our goals in establishing narrative frameworks and pillars that expressed our core values and vision. Her way of working allowed us to pivot from engaging in communications in a transactional way to aligning our organizational communications with our programmatic impact. Juhu mentored me, and our development and program staff, on best practices of incorporating strategic communications into daily aspects of our work.” 
Yadira Huerta, Justice in Motion