Juhu Thukral is a human rights lawyer; communications and narrative strategist; and founder of numerous ventures focused on the rights of women, girls, and LGBTQ people. She works in the global context, addressing the many dimensions of sexual health and rights, gender-based violence, and women’s leadership.

Juhu has been a founder and on senior leadership teams for social impact enterprises with both domestic and global focus, including: The Opportunity Agenda; Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center; Narrative Initiative; NY Anti-Trafficking Network; and the NYC Women’s Salon. She began her career at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and with legal Fellowships at Equal Rights Advocates and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Her work has resulted in:

• New federal/state laws and international resolutions changing the way public and private sectors address gender-based violence; 

• Shifts in public opinion and deeply-rooted cultural mindsets on gender, sexuality, migration, criminal justice, and economic empowerment; and 

• Programs, organizations, and networks that are thriving and sustainable, and are creating cutting-edge social change over the long-term.

Juhu has been recognized as one of 21 Leaders for the 21st Century by Women’s eNews, a Trailblazer by Re:Gender, an Everyday Shero by NAPAWF, and received the Elaine Osborne Jacobson Award for Women in Health Care Law. She was also selected to give the inaugural talk for the Anita Hill Lecture Series.