Conversation with F***ing Ethical Podcast: I spoke with Song Kim and Sara Shoff of F***ing Ethical, a must-listen podcast on impactful consumption. We talked about media, culture and representation, and long-term strategies for social justice.

Non-Obvious Diversity Summit: I moderated a conversation with social impact superstars India Thusi, Song Kim, and Yennie Solheim at the Non-Obvious Diversity Summit. In a panel called “Social Impact in the Age of ‘Diversity,’” we talked all things social impact, racial justice, and concrete solutions around actually living “diversity” in culture and policy. 

Conversation with Radicals & Revolutionaries Podcast: I spoke with Jillian Foster of Continuum Collective, which hosts the Radicals & Revolutionaries podcast. We talked about being a female founder, issues of sex work and feminism, and social justice strategy.

Conversation with #NoFilter: I spoke with Alicia Wiedemann of creative agency Summer Friday for their #NoFilter series. We talked about the ways corporate brands can commit to social impact initiatives by leaning into their authenticity and listening to their employees and consumers.

#FEMinCOVID: Human rights and racial justice leader Ejim Dike and I spoke with Continuum Collective for their #FEMinCOVID series. We talked about Covid and its impact on women and families, human rights and racial justice, and the importance of honoring women’s leadership.

Conversation with It’s All Journalism: Racial justice advocate Rinku Sen and I spoke with Michael O’Connell of It’s All Journalism to talk about racial justice and policing, violence during peaceful protests, and the obligations journalists have when reporting on race.

Unsettled: Atticus Review published this short film by Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Jordan and Cassie Timpy of Agape Visuals, and me. An exploration of disquiet and the search for that elusive sense of stillness and calm, this short film is a visual poem on how we are all feeling today.

Body of Water: Inspired by the ocean and our eternal need to connect with water, this short film by by Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Jordan and Cassie Timpy of Agape Visuals, and me is a visual poem on solitude and calm as we connect to the vastness of the ocean.

Short Video Bio: A short video about me, where I tell you a little bit about who I am as an advocate and social justice leader.

This series by the NY Anti-Trafficking Network of ten short videos provides essential insights into understanding the large-scale issue of trafficking in persons: what it looks like; why human rights are important; the kinds of help survivors usually need; the solutions to end trafficking; and what you can do directly to help.

Our featured experts — lawyers, social workers, and policy advocates — take on trafficking from different disciplines, and offer up a variety of insights on ways to engage and solve this urgent and important human rights issue.

OutdoorFest: OutdoorFest celebrates the wonders of the outdoors in New York City. They  featured me as a surfer who does her best to get out in the water year-round, no matter what.

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