Juhu Thukral is Founder and Principal of Apsara Projects LLC, a social impact consultancy. She is a social justice lawyer and founder of social impact ventures focused on rights and opportunity for women and girls, LGBTQ+ people, and Black/Brown/Asian/immigrant communities.

Juhu is an advocacy, communications, and organizational leadership expert who helps social impact leaders and organizations strengthen their vision and values as they embrace and navigate change.

Juhu has been a founder and on executive leadership teams for social impact organizations with both domestic and global focus, including: The Opportunity Agenda; Narrative Initiative; Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center; NY Anti-Trafficking Network; and the NYC Women’s Salon. She began her career at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and with legal Fellowships at Equal Rights Advocates and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Juhu Thukral


  • 21 Leaders for the 21st Century/Women’s eNews
  • Re:Gender Trailblazer
  • NAPAWF Everyday Shero
  • Elaine Osborne Jacobson Award for Women in Healthcare Law
  • Inaugural Speaker for the Anita Hill Lecture Series


• Changing public opinion, cultural mindsets, and support for policy change on racial justice and gender equity issues

• Designing new values-focused brand frameworks and training thousands of racial justice and gender equity leaders on how to talk about race, gender, and social justice

• Creating new criminal justice policy solutions, like record relief, and designing successful advocacy campaigns so there are now laws throughout the U.S.

• Advising philanthropy on building programs, strategic direction, and metrics for new donor initiatives

• Guiding philanthropy on building shared skills and capacity for global programs and partners


Apsara Projects

A boutique social impact consultancy that delivers vision, strategy, and impact. We use a unique three-prong approach combining communications strategy, change management, and building an Equity Mindset to guide our clients in achieving their social impact goals.