Juhu Thukral is Founder and Principal of Apsara Projects LLC, a social impact consultancy. She is a social justice lawyer and founder of social impact ventures focused on rights and opportunity for women and girls, LGBTQ+ people, and Black/Brown/Asian/immigrant communities.

Juhu is a policy/advocacy, communications, and organizational leadership expert who helps changemakers drive social impact and create meaningful change.

Juhu has been a founder and on executive leadership teams for social impact organizations with both domestic and global focus, including: The Opportunity Agenda; Narrative Initiative; Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center; NY Anti-Trafficking Network; and the NYC Women’s Salon. She began her career at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and with legal Fellowships at Equal Rights Advocates and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Juhu Thukral


  • 21 Leaders for the 21st Century/Women’s eNews
  • Re:Gender Trailblazer
  • NAPAWF Everyday Shero
  • Elaine Osborne Jacobson Award for Women in Healthcare Law
  • Inaugural Speaker for the Anita Hill Lecture Series


• Changing public opinion, cultural mindsets, and support for policy change on racial justice and gender equity issues

• Designing new values-focused brand frameworks and training thousands of racial justice and gender equity leaders on how to talk about race, gender, and social justice

• Creating new criminal justice policy solutions, like record relief, and designing successful advocacy campaigns so there are now laws throughout the U.S.

• Advising philanthropy on building programs, strategic direction, and metrics for new donor initiatives

• Guiding philanthropy on building shared skills and capacity for global programs and partners


Apsara Projects

A boutique social impact consultancy that delivers vision, strategy, and impact. We use a unique three-prong approach combining communications strategy, change management, and building an Equity Mindset to guide our clients in achieving their social impact goals.